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Pirate Phonics 3 : Kids learn to read!

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Take phonics to the next level with Pirate Phonics 3! Complete the pirate trials to become fully certified pirate phonic readers! There are 5 trials, that focus on 5 different areas of reading development: PHONICS REVISION The app begins with a revision of phonics learnt in Pirate Phonics 1 & 2. This includes the most basic phonics such as 's','a','t' & 'p', and works up to more advanced phonics such as 'oe', 'ay' and 'igh'. HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS High frequency words (or sight words) are the words that appear most often in the written English language. Learning to instantly recognise these, rather than having to 'sound them out' allows children to read more fluently more quickly, allowing them to concentrate their phonics skills on words they don't recognise. Pirate Phonics 3 includes 10 of the top HFW, which children will then use in some of the sentence reading challenges later in the app. SHORT AND LONG VOWEL SOUNDS Every vowel has a short and long vowel sound. For instance, the vowel 'a' makes its short vowel sound in the word 'mat', and makes its long vowel sound in the word 'mate’. SPLIT DIGRAPHS (MAGIC 'e') Split digraphs, or Magic 'e', refer to those words that have a vowel, with a long vowel sound, because of the presence of an 'e' at the end of the word. For example 'kite' has a split digraph, but 'kit' does not. WORD READING PRACTICE Phonics 3 steps up the word reading practice, challenging children to read lots of CVC, CCVC, CVCC, CCVCC, CVVC, CCVVC, CVVCC and CCVVCC words. SENTENCE READING Once children have completed the other trials, they can then attempt the sentence reading trial. There are a number of new interesting challenges designed to help children practice reading sentences and demonstrate comprehension. These include reading messages in bottles and figuring out which island they need to go to and following treasure hunt clues such as "go three steps to the south”. BECOMING BETTER READERS FAST Learning phonics and learning to read is so much easier for children when they want to do it. Pirate Phonics 1 and 2 have been a huge hit with children all over the world and Phonics 3 takes things to the next level with loads of new exciting games and challenges that fit in with the overall goal of become certified pirate readers! While they are having a great time completing the trials, they are playing through the games designed to build the skills they need to become confident fluent readers. Suitable for ages 4 - 8. | Note : This app does not support iOS 5.1