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High frequency words

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High frequency words, often known as ‘sight words’ introduces the 200 most common words used in the written English language. Whilst some could be read phonetically, many of them are difficult or phonetic exceptions (e.g. ‘the’ and ‘her’ are difficult whereas ‘and’ is easy phonetically). They are often simply recognised by the child when reading because they occur so often. This App contains the most common words, a few colours and the numbers 1 to 10 in 12 lists with approximately 10 words in each list. There is a Learning section and a Practise section. To see which words are in any of the lists just click on the ‘?’ circle on the list. In the Learning area the child can choose 1 list to learn at a time and learns those words using a ‘slideshow effect’ or using ‘tap and listen’. In tap and listen, the whole word list is shown and the user taps each word to hear it. |