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Writing Magic Numbers

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Writing Magic Numbers Learn to write your numbers with Magic Numbers. Explore a magical world and cast number spells by writing the numbers 1 to 10. Based in the same world as Magic Letters, but the challenge is quite different for the apprentice wizard. The wizard is trying to ‘magic up’ a special present for the king, but when his spells go wrong you have to step in and use ‘number spells’ to make everything normal again. Each time the wizard causes chaos you practice more and more numbers, so by the time you have finished this adventure you will definitely be able to write your numbers. The App is designed to help young children count as well as write. On each scenario the child can tap the people and animals to count them. How to write the numbers is explained and demonstrated for each number to help your child learn to write the numbers 1 to 10. The whole story and all guidance is spoken aloud so children don’t need to be able to read. The speech can be turned off allowing your child to practice their reading skills. This App uses the improved writing algorithm developed for the recently relaunched Writing Magic Letters, so people of all ages will be able to use this App and have fun learning. Some of the main features include: •Demonstrations and lessons explaining how to write each of the numbers •Three main game scenarios with 10 number problems in each allowing your child to learn and practice writing. On completion of the 3 scenarios there is a free-play facility with a set of additional similar problems each of which allows the child to practice the whole basic number set •Story and guidance is spoken aloud (can be turned off to practice reading skills). •Listen to the sound of the numbers as you learn them. •Auto save; saves your child’s progress, allowing them to carry on from where they left off. •Pick from multiple routes through the game making the order different each time you play. •Note: children have to write the numbers fairly accurately to proceed, but if they fail too often they are allowed to move on •If the child finds it too difficult to write the numbers accurately the parent can reduce the difficulty level (3 levels of accuracy included) Fully compatible with iOS 8. |