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Shopkeeper+ Math can be fun!

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Shopkeeper+ has been specially designed to add fun to maths. Using this App children will learn to count objects and add numbers, with questions as simple as ‘how many apples’ and as challenging as 10 + 10. The subtle staged approach which uses gold stars as a reward moves from counting objects, into adding a number to some objects before finally adding 2 numbers (between 0 and 10). The setting is a shop and you are the shopkeeper responsible for counting how many items the customer has in the basket. Each correct answer earns you money which can be used to purchase a wide range of goods to sell in the shop – from apples and carrots to balloons and party hats. The App is suitable for children from 3 to 7; the cute rabbit characters, the shop scenario and the ability to stock the shelves with goods create the fun whilst the children count and enjoy the experience without thinking they are doing maths! If you get an answer wrong 3 times, the senior shopkeeper will appear and help you count up to the correct answer. Shopkeeper + has: • 3 difficulty levels • 10 learning levels (the gold stars) • 4 characters • 18 types of goods for sale in the shop • Counting advice from the senior shopkeeper if you get your sums wrong • A detection system to offer other sums if you keep getting them wrong • A memory to allow you to return to where you left off if you stop playing • A reset facility so you or someone else can start the game over again • Controls to turn the music and sound effects on or off • An on-going random question generator once 10 gold stars have been won Rated 5/5 and Recommended by, official advisor to the Tablets for Schools scheme. Fully compatible with iOS 7. |