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Times Tables Treasure Hunt

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Yes it is true! Many children can find Times Tables boring! So we have created an enjoyable game to enable your child to practise their Times Tables whilst playing the game and collecting treasure. That way learning becomes more of a fun adventure. Take an exciting journey through different worlds finding treasure and avoiding enemies whilst learning your Times Tables without thinking its a chore. Collect gold coins on your journey and buy jewels with them in the Treasure Room after completing each table. The game incorporates Speech Recognition, a selectable novel feature, allowing players to complete the tables by saying the answers. And if you're practicing in a quiet place you can switch to the standard multiple choice option. Create a personal profile, choose which character you want to play as, and see who can gather the greatest hoard of gold and gems in their treasure room between your friends and family! Traverse through fun and interesting areas collecting coins, and numbers for the table test. Once you've collected all the numbers, players move onto the maths zone where you'll need to use your Table knowledge to unlock treasure chests full of Gold. For those more focused on learning quickly you can go straight to the Maths Zone and practice until you are a Times Table genius! And don't worry you'll still get the gold that awaits you in those chests!