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Children love technology. So let's give them the right stuff.

Kids love to play. Parents want their kids to be happy learners. We make both possible. We produce apps that children love, and parents approve of. Simple and fun, no ads, no recurring app purchases. Learn and play, try us today.


Educational features. Why can't apps be fun and a positive use of time?

We're weaving fun and education together to help children with literacy, numeracy and reasoning. We also hand pick great apps from the apps stores, so you can find the best learning app for your child.


One more thing... We're reaching out.

Our apps will soon be available on all the major platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Desktop and Mobile and the open web. We've not leaving anyone behind.


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Media and Production

Real speech in our apps - Acapela Group

We often use speech in our apps to improve accessibility and provide positive feedback for the child. We exclusively use real child digital voices from Acapela Group to achieve this. They uniquely provide real child voices rather than the standard “adult” synthetic voices most companies offer. We are very grateful for their outstanding products.

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